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Use the GoogleEarth© navigation tools to zoom in to the area of interest. The dots indicate the available weather stations.  It may take up to 30 seconds to load all the data points.   Click on for details & to select for download.

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Historial Weather Data
    ($50 each)

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These historical weather files were developed by White Box Technologies, Inc. with the same technique as used for the IWEC2 weather files. These include over 10,000 stations in the ISH data base (2,000 US, 300 Canadian, 6800 international) with sufficient detail to create hourly weather files. 2001 to the current year have been processed, with earlier years available on request. Each historical file comes in three formats: BINM, EPW (plus DDY file), and FIN4 text. For more technical information on historical year weather files, see FAQ.